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Forspoken Devs Are ‘Sure’ the Final Game Will Meet Fans’ Expectations

Square Enix’s Luminous Productions seems pretty confident about Forspoken reviews when the game launches next month. In an interview with Gematsu, co-director Takefumi Terada has said that the team is “sure and confident” that the final game will meet everyone’s expectations despite the negative chitter-chatter on social media.

Forspoken reviews won’t be tainted by the “specially crafted” gameplay demo

Tokyo Game Show 2022 attendees were given a taste of Forspoken with a “specially crafted” gameplay demo, and Square Enix insists that the final game isn’t designed with fetch quests. That demo, and the one recently released on the PS5, have only been designed to showcase Forpoken’s gameplay mechanics.

“We’re sure and confident we will be able to deliver to everyone’s expectations,” Terada told Gematsu. “So we hope that you will look forward to it and enjoy the game. Personally speaking, I put a lot of energy and a lot of effort into the open world’s magic parkour and combat.”

Creative producer Raio Mitsuno added that Forspoken has an “incredible” narrative, which is penned by a high-profile team comprising of Amy Hennig (Uncharted), actor and writer Todd Stashwick (The Riches, 12 Monkeys), and Gary Whitta (Rogue One, The Book of Eli), among others.