new ps5 ip

New PS5 IP Seemingly Leaked, Rumored to Be Sci-Fi Game

An unannounced PS5 IP, rumored to be a sci-fi game, has apparently leaked. The leak comes from an unusual source but has been corroborated by known insiders, indicating that it’s real. A brief pre-alpha footage accompanied the leak, which gives off some Mass Effect vibes.

New PS5 IP could be a shooter or RPG

The leak comes from gaming forum IconEra. We want to avoid a copyright strike so check out the pre-alpha footage at the source. According to known insider DuskGolem, this is the unannounced new IP they recently teased as “Ooze,” and as more of it leaks online, we’ll apparently understand why it’s been given that nickname. A quick rundown of the leak is as follows (consider everything a rumor and speculation):

  • This is a sci-fi game in development at Sony XDEV in partnership with an external studio. Reports say it’s an RPG but the footage doesn’t give the genre away. It could also be a shooter, or an RPG with shooter elements.
  • The external developer is based in Europe.
  • The footage above is from a very old build and while DuskGolem can’t say whether this game will ever release or not, they say that they’ve seen more footage beyond the leaked clip, and it’s currently fully voiced and has a soundtrack.
  • The game is being developed in Unreal Engine 5, and will not release on the PS4.

We’ll update our readers when we have more information.