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PS Stars PocketStation Collectible Rewards Level 4 Subscribers

A black PS Stars PocketStation Collectible awaits subscribers who have achieved Level 4. An homage to the memory card peripheral that was compatible with the original PlayStation, this Japanese-only accessory launched in 1999.

How to unlock the PS Stars PocketStation Collectible

To unlock the PS Stars PocketStation Collectible, users must have ranked up to reach Level 4 within PlayStation Stars. The PocketStation Collectible will then be unlocked.

Similar to many other PS Stars Collectibles, the PocketStation reward is proving to be temperamental. Some users are reporting that the PocketStation doesn’t appear, even though they are Level 4.

Hopefully the issues surrounding PS Stars can be ironed out sooner rather than later, with those who deserve the PocketStation and other Collectibles receiving them successfully.

If you’re struggling to unlock the PocketStation Collectible, contacting official PlayStation Support appears to be the best way to solve it.

With more limited-time rewards being rolled out to those who are ranking up quickly through the PS Stars levels, there are sure to be more players focusing on the grind, completing challenges and earning XP.

For those who haven’t hit Level 4 yet, don’t worry, for there are other Collectibles waiting for you to unlock. The Pie Collectible should be your first priority, as it’s only unlockable today! Then there’s the PlayStation Home Collectible.