ps4 to ps5 upgrade

Sony Now Actively Pushing PS4 Players to Upgrade to PS5

Sony Interactive Entertainment has said that it’ll now actively encourage PS4 to PS5 upgrades as the current-gen console’s supply situation continues to improve. The company has been pushing this message through its recent marketing videos and trailers, but in today’s earnings call, Sony officially spelled out its strategy going forward.

Sony to focus on ‘accelerating’ PS4 to PS5 upgrades

Sony said that as PS5 became more widely available towards the end of 2022, it saw an increase in the number of players who transitioned from PS4 to PS5. The drop in engagement seen among PS4 users is being offset by an increase in PS5 engagement by new players. Engagement metrics include an increase in PS Plus subscription rate, gameplay time, and average spending amount. As a result, Sony will “continue to focus on accelerating the transition of PS4 users to PS5.”

A day ago, Sony published a video on its official YouTube channel dedicated to encouraging PS4 users to make the jump to PS5, highlighting benefits of current-gen gaming. Prior to this, the company released an advertisement focused on upcoming games, nearly all of which will only be available on the PS5, including the highly-anticipated Marvel’s Spider-Man 2.

PS5 has sold 32.1 million units to date.