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Here’s How Well PS Store’s Easy Platinum Games Sell

We’ve written at length about PlayStation Store‘s easy Platinum games (shovelware, rather) that often plague the storefront’s “New Releases” section and has become a hotly debated topic among players and trophy hunters. But just how well do these games sell? Here’s an idea, courtesy of an indie developer behind such games.

Easy Platinum games are cheap, and they sell quite well

Matthew Green of TheVoicesGames, an indie developer behind a number of PS Store shovelware, tweeted that his game Spectrewoods alone has sold over 100,000 copies.

Spectrewoods currently costs a whopping $0.49 and its Platinum run is about five minutes, as demonstrated in the video below.

TheVoicesGames is also the developer behind Lizard Lady vs The Cats and Lady in a Leotard With a Gun. One only needs to take a look at their PS Store pages to realize what those games are all about.

All of this highlights one of the biggest arguments in favor of these games: they have a market, and trophy/achievement hunting is bigger than players realize.

The real issue here is Sony’s handling of the problem. Shovelware continues to plague the PS Store despite previous measures.