Marvels Midnight Suns Support

Marvel’s Midnight Suns Support Continues Despite Studio Shake Up

Support will continue for Marvel’s Midnight Suns despite a studio shake-up that saw the game’s creative director Jake Solomon and studio head Steve Martin leave after more than 20 years at Firaxis Games. The studio’s current CCO, Heather Hazen, will become Firaxis’ new studio head moving forward.

What does the future hold for Marvel’s Midnight Suns?

Hazen promised Firaxis will continue to support Marvel’s Midnight Suns with post-launch content. The game’s Season Pass includes four pieces of DLC and the first of those, Deadpool, was released last month. He will be followed by Venom on February 23. Further on in 2023, there will also be Morbius and Storm expansions, although their release dates are yet to be revealed, while the game is also due to be released on PS4. Whether more content will follow this remains to be seen, although the departure of Solomon and the game’s poor sales performance puts that in doubt.

Jake Solomon leaves Firaxis after 23 years to pursue a “new dream”, although he didn’t reveal what that is right now. Meanwhile, Steve Martin departs the company after a tenure of 27 years although his future plans are unknown. Heather Hazen will start her new role as Studio Head with a new Civilization game, which will be taken to “exciting new heights for our millions of players around the world,” and Ed Beach will remain in the role of Creative Director for that franchise.