Atomic Heart FOV Settings

Atomic Heart Update to Include FOV Settings and Better Subtitles

Atomic Heart has already received a couple of updates with bug fixes and gameplay improvements, but it seems like Mundfish still have plenty of improvements to make, including adding FOV settings and better subtitles. Both of these features will be part of a future update as the team is already working on them.

When will Atomic Heart FOV settings arrive on PS5 and PS4?

FOV settings will be included in “one of the nearest updates” for Atomic Heart. Mundfish will release more information on this update at a later date. However, the subtitles improvements will arrive sometime after this. The team has promised to allow players to adjust the size of the subtitles, which means those playing with Mundfish’s recommendation of Russian dub with native subtitles should be able to play the game without missing anything.

There is no word on fixes for any of the other problems the game is having, including the broken trophies and racist caricature featured in the cartoon that plays in the majority of the game’s save rooms. It’s hard to know what exactly has been fixed in some of the earlier updates; the patch notes for update 1.05 released on February 21 only state “multiple bugfixes and improvement”, as do the notes for update 1.003.200 released on the same day.