Final Fantasy 16 New Game Plus

Final Fantasy 16 New Game Plus is More Difficult Than Devil May Cry 5

Final Fantasy 16 combat director Ryota Suzuki has confirmed the game’s New Game Plus mode will present a challenge that is more difficult than Devil May Cry 5. This is due to a new scoring system that is hidden during the player’s first playthrough but is then made far more obvious during the second time around.

Final Fantasy 16 second playthrough focuses on combat performance

Players are encouraged to enjoy the game’s story during the first playthrough and focus more on getting the job done. On the other hand, the second playthrough will bring aspects like combat performance to the forefront. Suzuki told Ars Technica that the Final Fantasy 16 second playthrough, which hasn’t officially been called New Game Plus but sounds suspiciously like one, will “throw down the gauntlet and offer a challenge that is going to be above and beyond what you see in Devil May Cry V.”

In addition to the second playthrough, there will be other game modes like the arcade mode that has been dubbed Ultimania mode. This will use a scoring system that ranks the player’s performance in battle. Suzuki claims that “to maintain an S rank throughout the Ultimania mode, we believe, it’s more difficult than doing the same in Dante Must Die.” The Dante Must Die mode was the highest level of difficulty players could take on in Devil May Cry 5.

If you’re now not sure whether this game will be for you, there’s a demo arriving two weeks before the game itself that will give you a chance to try the combat for yourself.