Final Fantasy XVI Arcade Mode

Final Fantasy XVI Will Have a Arcade Mode And Leaderboard

Final Fantasy XVI will feature a brand new arcade mode along with a leaderboard, it has been revealed, with the upcoming game set to introduce the features as one of multiple play modes. This news comes after FFXVI previews surfaced online, revealing more details about the highly anticipated JRPG.

Final Fantasy 16 will have arcade mode options

During a roundtable interview with PrimaGames, Naoki Yoshida, the producer of Final Fantasy XVI, revealed that once the main game is over, new modes will be unlocked. Yoshida notes that the game will have “different types of play modes” before going on to specify that these will include “things like an arcade mode where you battle for scores.”

Yoshida went on to reveal that there will be a world leaderboard in FFXVI where players can compare their scores to others globally. This marks the first Final Fantasy game to have an arcade mode and leaderboard, and with Ryota Suzuki (Devil May Cry 5) working as the combat director, it’ll be extremely interesting to see what types of scores you can get and the level of depth that the combat will have.

In other Final Fantasy 16 news, Yoshida has reiterated that the game will not be coming to PC, while it appears that the game is only a PS5 exclusive for six months.