Final Fantasy 16 PS5 Exclusive

Final Fantasy 16 Is PS5 Exclusive for Six Months Only

When Final Fantasy 16 was originally announced, we knew it was only going to be exclusive to PS5 for a limited period of time, but now a new trailer has suggested exactly how long that exclusivity period will be. The trailer focused on recent and upcoming PS5 games, as well as some of the console’s accessories, and FF16 was one that made an appearance. According to a statement at the bottom of the screen, FFXVI will only be exclusive to the PS5 for a period of six months.

When will Final Fantasy 16 come to Xbox and PC?

Final Fantasy 16 is expected to be released for PS5 at some point in summer 2023 and it will be exclusive to the console for six months, which would mean a release on other platforms in December 2023 at the earliest. At the moment, Final Fantasy XVI has only ever been confirmed for PS5 and it’s unknown what those other platforms will be.

It’s worth mentioning that while the last PlayStation-exclusive Final Fantasy game, Final Fantasy VII Remake, was eventually released on PC nearly two years after its release on PS4, this game has never been released on other consoles. It wouldn’t be too far of a stretch to assume Final Fantasy 16 may not ever come to Xbox consoles either, and PS4 has definitely been ruled out.