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Is Sony Really Buying Take-Two Interactive? No, Probably Not

Sony is looking to buy Rockstar publisher Take-Two Interactive in a blockbuster deal, according to the latest bizarre acquisition rumor to hit the internet. The deal is supposedly being brewed in response to Microsoft’s acquisition of Activision Blizzard, but as with anything that sounds too weird to be true, that’s also likely the case here.

Why the Sony and Take-Two Interactive acquisition probably isn’t real

The rumors have stemmed from Twitter user @LumberjackRy, who tweeted that they “have it on extremely good word” that Sony wants to purchase Take-Two to counter the Microsoft and Activision Blizzard deal. According to the user, the claim is from three “trusted and almost always correct sources.”

So is the rumor credible? Despite it gaining considerable traction on Twitter, the source here is highly questionable. LumberjackRy claimed that they correctly leaked the PlayStation Studios acquisition of Bungie, though we could find no such evidence of that claim (via Twitter). So if you were excited to see the Rockstar Games and 2K publisher being under Sony’s management, you’ll likely be left disappointed.

Regardless, the rumor was picked up quickly, and on social media it was speculated that this caused a jump in Take-Two Interactive’s stock price. While we’ve seen stock prices jump for silly reasons before, it’s more likely that its increase was at least partially related to 50 Cent’s tease that he’s appearing in GTA 6.