Final Fantasy 16 60 FPS

Final Fantasy 16 60 FPS Confirmed for PS5 Performance Mode

Final Fantasy 16‘s 60 FPS mode will be available to PS5 players, the game’s producer,

Naoki Yoshida, has confirmed. For those who opt for the FF16 Performance Mode and forgo 4K resolution, a smoother overall frame rate will be enabled.

Final Fantasy 16 to run at 60 FPS on PS5

Yoshida confirmed that Final Fantasy 16 will run at 60 FPS on PS5 during the game’s PAX East 2023 panel (via MP1st).

As explained by Yoshida, to achieve the 60 FPS target, FF16’s output resolution must be dropped from 4K (2160p) in “Quality” mode to 1440p in “Performance” mode. Players will be able to switch between the two modes at any point during gameplay.

The choice between resolution and frame rate is something that most current-gen players will be used to. Many games offer multiple graphics modes, giving players a choice on what they want to be prioritized.

As an action-heavy game, it seems like Performance for 60 FPS will be the best choice for the majority of players.

Another confirmed FF16 feature is New Game Plus, which is apparently more difficult than Devil May Cry 5.

Will FF16 also be 60 FPS on Xbox Series X|S? We’ll have to wait a while to find out, as this game is a timed PS5 exclusive due to Sony’s “generous support.”