Hogwarts Legacy story completion rate divides fans

Hogwarts Legacy’s Low Completion Rate Sparks Debate

Hogwarts Legacy story completion rate has sparked an intense debate that has been raging for well over a week now. Apparently, less than 30 percent of players have finished the game, going by Steam and PlayStation Network data.

Why Hogwarts Legacy completion rate isn’t necessarily ‘low’

At the time of this writing, PSN data shows that 28 percent of Hogwarts Legacy players have unlocked the trophy for beating the game. Fans argue that games like Elden Ring and The Witcher 3 have similar completion rates but it’s worth noting that the former is a significantly challenging game whereas the latter is lengthier.

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Comparing it to games with a similar campaign length, Hogwarts Legacy’s completion rate sits below God of War Ragnarok (45.2 percent) and Horizon Forbidden West (29.3 percent). However, there are several caveats when it comes to this data as well.

For starters, Hogwarts Legacy released less than two months ago whereas Ragnarok and Horizon have been on the market for about 4.5 months and a year, respectively. Secondly, neither Ragnarok nor Horizon offer the amount of activities and quests that Hogwarts Legacy does.

Another key difference is that Hogwarts Legacy requires players to be a certain level before completing main quests as the story progresses, often forcing them to do side quests and activities to level up before tackling the next main objective.

Whatever side of the argument one is on, completion rates are hardly an indication of a game’s quality. Look no further than Red Dead Redemption 2, which boasts a famously low completion rate.