Bend Studio co-founder Michael Berlyn has died

Bend Studio Co-founder Michael Berlyn Has Died

Former video game developer and Bend Studio co-founder Michael Berlyn has passed away aged 73. Berlyn bravely fought cancer for a number of years. News of his death was shared by industry veterans and fellow developers.

Michael Berlyn’s Eidetic became Bend Studio in 2000

Berlyn had been in the industry for a long time before he co-founded Eidetic, which later became Bend Studio upon being acquired by Sony (then Sony Computer Entertainment). He created Bubsy the Bobcat, and released his first PlayStation game – Bubsy 3D – in 1996.

Eidetic was then tasked with making Syphon Filter games, during which Berlyn left the industry.

“He was always a kick in the pants, funny, thoughtful, intelligent, and a great human being,” said former Bend Studio veteran John Garvin. 3D Realms and Apogee co-founder George Broussard wrote that he was influenced by Berlyn’s work on Infocom adventure games in the 80s and that he helped pioneer PC gaming.

Back in 2005, Berlyn told Game Developer (then Gamasutra) that he left his own company because he found Syphon Filter’s content troubling. He later returned to the industry and made a number of interactive experiences and games for Windows and mobile devices.

Our thoughts go out to Berlyn’s family and loved ones.