Horizon Forbidden West Update 1.21

Horizon Forbidden West Update 1.21 Adds Burning Shores DLC, Auto-Pickup, and More

Horizon Forbidden West update 1.21 is now rolling out across PS5 and PS4 consoles. This new Horizon patch adds the Burning Shores expansion, in addition to an arsenal of new accessibility features including Auto-Pickup, Color Blindness settings, and more.

Horizon Forbidden West 1.21 patch notes

New accessibility features

  • Enlarging Subtitles
  • Auto-Pickup
  • Color Blindness settings
  • Auto camera
  • Navigation assist in Focus Mode
  • Thalassophobia mode
  • Additional accessibility features

New expansion (PS5 only)

  • Support for Horizon Forbidden West: Burning Shores expansion has been added.

While the Burning Shores expansion was expected, the new accessibility features were not. They are certainly a nice surprise and should help to make the game easier to play, expanding the potential audience of Aloy’s story.

Personally, I’m very happy to see Auto-Pickup added. Looting one item might not take long, but thousands of items during a playthrough must surely add up to a significant chunk of time. Now players don’t have to worry about spamming the triangle button after every kill or over every wild resource, which should hopefully mean fewer items left behind.

Those on PS5 who are waiting to download the Burning Shores expansion will want to make room for the sizeable installation.

Once Burning Shores has been downloaded and installed, it will soon be time to meet new companion Seyka.