Persona 6 Release Date Window

Persona 6 Release Date Window Rumored for Next Year

Persona 6 has not been officially announced, but there are already rumblings describing when it might be coming out. A new rumor has noted that the Persona 6 release date window is allegedly later in 2024.

Persona 6 is said to be announced “later this year”

These rumors of Persona 6’s possible release window come from insider Nate the Hate’s latest podcast. Nate the Hate, in addition to saying it wouldn’t arrive until later next year, said that Atlus was originally planning to announce Persona 6 last year, but plans changed when it believed the reveal would be too far away from the game’s intended late 2024 release window. And because it is said to be so far off, he noted that it very likely won’t be at the PlayStation Showcase on May 24. However, he did say that the RPG will probably make its debut later this year, perhaps at Tokyo Game Show in September.

It will also reportedly not be coming to PS4, something that Nate the Hate has mentioned previously. He said it was a PS5 game, but speculated that the title may also come to Nintendo Switch and Xbox Series X|S after possibly being a timed PlayStation exclusive. He was quick to point out that there’s still a lot of time between now and its release, so a deal with a first-party publisher could change how exclusive it ends up being.

On the other hand, Nate the Hate said the rumored Persona 3 remake will release before Persona 6 and explained that it is slated for this year. Both Nate the Hate and podcast guest Modern Vintage Gamer also agreed with the rumors currently circulating that the former will be revealed at the Xbox Games Showcase on June 11 and not at the aforementioned PlayStation Showcase.

Nate the Hate also stated that a third Persona game was in development. According to him, it’s a spin-off intended for release in 2024, but not much else is known about this alleged game at the moment. Neither Sega nor Atlus have made any official announcements regarding Persona 6 or the Persona 3 remake, so it’s all confirmed for now.