Final Fantasy IX PS5 release date window and exclusivity rumored

Final Fantasy 9 Remake Release Date Window, PS5 Exclusivity Reported

The leaker who originally outed the existence of Persona 3 Remake has hinted that Final Fantasy 9 Remake may be exclusive to the PS5, and its release window is a ways away. Final Fantasy 9 Remake has yet to be officially announced but it was mentioned in the infamous Nvidia GeForce Now leak, which has turned out to be accurate thus far.

When is Final Fantasy 9 Remake expected to release?

ResetEra user Im A Hero Too claims to have “seen” Final Fantasy 9 Remake and has said that it’s “definitely not coming” to the Nintendo Switch. Although they didn’t mention Xbox or PC, Im A Hero Too says the game has “Sony written all over it,” hinting at a PS5 exclusive launch. They then went on to claim that Final Fantasy 9 Remake is “at least” two years away.

After Metal Gear Solid 3 Remake PS5 exclusivity rumors were debunked, we’d advise taking this one with a grain of salt. However, Square Enix and Sony have a notorious partnership that sees the publisher’s games prioritize PlayStation platforms, often skipping Xbox altogether.

Considering the accuracy of the Nvidia GeForce Now leak, it’s probably only a matter of time before Square Enix announces Final Fantasy 9 Remake.