Final Fantasy 9 Remake Release Kingdom Hearts 4 Reveal Rumor

Rumor: Final Fantasy 9 Remake More Believable After Many Square Enix Games Confirmed

The Kingdom Hearts 4 reveal has swelled rumors of the Final Fantasy 9 remake release once again. It would seem that with every passing month, the Nvidia GeForce Now leak, which has been the list that just keeps on giving, is becoming more and more credible. Now that several Square Enix games that were on the list have been confirmed, the Final Fantasy 9 remake doesn’t seem to be as outlandish a prospect as it sounded before.

Will the Final Fantasy 9 remake release or not?

Revealed in mid-September last year, a GeForce Now user somehow accessed the Nvidia’s internal database and uncovered a long list of games that were slated to be on the streaming service. Of course, Nvidia was quick to scrub the leaked list from its database, and Ubisoft was forced to get the list off Github.

A few of the games listed haven’t been brought to fruition with a reveal or announcement like “Bioshock 2022” and Tekken 8, but among those that have been verified are Street Fighter 6, The Talos Principle 2, and Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy.

As for Square Enix games, though, the list seems right on the mark so far. The Chrono Cross remaster has already been revealed and reviewed as Chrono Cross: The Radical Dreamers Edition. The Tactics Ogre remaster has  been trademarked as Tactics Ogre Reborn in Japan. And with Square Enix unveiling Kingdom Hearts 4—among the most improbable, shoot-for-the-stars entries on the list—now true, rumors are understandably circling around the other Square Enix games in the leak.

Those other two games are the Final Fantasy 9 remake and the Final Fantasy Tactics remaster. It would seem that Square Enix is already quite busy with Kingdom Hearts 4, Final Fantasy 16, Final Fantasy 7 Remake Part 2, and continued online content for Final Fantasy XIV, so getting confirmation on either of these two games doesn’t seem likely. But that hardly stops the rumor mill from turning the crank.

In other news, Sega’s current game plan doesn’t include NFTs (yet), and Madison has been revealed as a psychological horror game with disturbing gameplay.