Some PS4 players are reportedly locked out of all their games

PS4 Players Getting Locked Out of Games, How to Fix

A number of PS4 players have taken to gaming forums and social media over the last two days to report that they’re randomly being locked out of their purchased games and PS Plus library. The issue is on Sony‘s end as usual, but at the time of this writing, it still hasn’t been fully resolved, leaving quite a few players frustrated with the delay in resolution.

Suggested solutions for locked PS4 games

Redditors have banded together to come up with a list of possible workarounds. Unfortunately, however, different things work for people so there isn’t a single solution that’s confirmed to work. If you’re encountering the aforementioned issue, try the following:

  • Restore licenses. Go to Settings > Account Management > Restore Licenses. Some users claim that it took several attempts to restore licenses before their games started working.
  • Deactivate network connection, restart PS4, and reconnect.
  • Make sure to set your PS4 as the primary console following steps provided by Sony.
  • Manually update DNS settings. We recommend following an online guide for this as a last resort.

Those who don’t want to try fiddling with their consoles or settings should just wait it out. This issue has been ongoing for a few days and some players have been told that Sony’s investigating it. Rest assured, you’re not the only one and the issue should be resolved… eventually.