Starfield was pulled from PlayStation

PlayStation Writer Addresses People Who Want Her Fired for Streaming Starfield

Internet trolls have called for PlayStation writer Alanah Pearce to be fired for streaming and “promoting” Xbox exclusive Starfield. Pearce, who is employed by God of War‘s Santa Monica Studio, released a video addressing the matter because “this happens often enough.”

Starfield is the latest subject of PlayStation vs. Xbox console wars

Pearce prefaced her video by saying that she is unlikely to see unsavory content that she’s tagged in, but every now and then, enough people will bring up an issue in her mentions or tag her in a topic that she’ll notice. One such issue was a known Twitter troll with over 1,500 followers calling for Pearce — who is also a streamer — to be fired for streaming Starfield. The user also tagged higher-ups Cory Barlog and Hermen Hulst.

Pearce revealed that Barlog himself is playing Starfield, and they spent 10 minutes talking about the game at work. She said that it’s normal for developers from rival companies to play each others’ games and talk about them, adding that Hulst is probably playing Starfield too. Pearce said that console wars do not exist within the games industry, especially since developers move around the industry and make friends in different companies.

Pearce also revealed that previously, a bunch of people were calling for her to be fired over playing Tunic, which first released on the Xbox. The harassment prompted Xbox boss Phil Spencer to send her a message apologizing for the fiasco.