PlayStation Showcase or State of Play rumored for May 2024

Fans Vexed by PlayStation Showcase Rumors as May 2024 Nears End

Fans have been left vexed by month-long rumors of a PlayStation Showcase in May 2024 as we’re just three days shy of June. A number of insiders remained convinced until last week that a PlayStation event was happening this month, with at least one now questioning their own information. Sony neither announced a PlayStation State of Play nor a Showcase, but it did end up announcing a Days of Play event that’s kicking off today.

Some fans still hopeful for a PlayStation Showcase 2024 or State of Play announcement today

Some fans are still holding out hope that we’ll hear something today. What’s even more commendable is that journalist and insider Jeff Grubb, who was one of the first ones to report a potential PlayStation event, still seems to insist that something is happening.

Another “insider,” whose track record we can’t really comment on, is also still hinting at an announcement today. But they might just be trolling at this point.

Meanwhile, Nick “Shpeshal_Nick” Baker now seems to be in two minds.

At this point, we’re also wondering if wires were crossed somehow. If nothing gets announced today, we can completely write these rumors off because it’s unlikely Sony will announce anything on Thursday or Friday.