Sony rewards program and PlayStation credit card ending

Sony Rewards Program Is Ending

Sony has announced that its rewards program, which allows PlayStation credit card users to earn points, is coming to an end this year. As of today, June 20, new members will not be accepted into the program.

When does the Sony rewards program end and what happens to PlayStation credit cards?

Existing Sony Rewards members and PlayStation cardholders can continue to earn points but they have to be redeemed by December 31, 2024, which is when the program will end. Following this date, the rewards website and app will no longer be available and you won’t be able to access your account or use your unspent points.

Current PlayStation Visa or Sony Visa cardholders will be contacted by Comenity Bank in due course with regards to changes in their credit card programs. However, they will be able to continue using their credit cards as normal until their expiration.

“There’s always something new on the horizon,” Sony teased.

The Sony Rewards program and PlayStation credit cards are only available in the United States. It was only recently that Sony offered players 12 months of PS Plus Premium for free with the use of PlayStation Visa card. This specific offer ends in September.