Stellar Blade story and localization criticisms addressed

Stellar Blade Dev Acknowledges Criticisms of Story and Localization

Shift Up CEO Hyung-tae Kim has acknowledged criticisms of Stellar Blade‘s story and localization efforts. Speaking to reporters following an IPO press conference this week, the developer pledged to improve its work.

Shift Up understands complaints about Stellar Blade’s story and translation

As reported by Korean outlet This Is Game, reporters quizzed Shift Up about potential areas of improvement, in response to which Kim said that complaints about Stellar Blade’s script, screenplay, and translation quality were “unfortunate.”

Kim revealed that Shift Up’s main goal was to gain recognition for its efforts on a global stage, and Stellar Blade has certainly achieved that. However, its success also ended up exposing gaps in quality of work, which the studio is keen to address.

“I think we have achieved the biggest goal of the game,” Kim said, revealing that Shift Up aimed to make a splash in the global market and increase brand value. “However, I think it is really unfortunate that it exposed various problems with the screenplay, script quality, translation, etc. We will do our best to strengthen the quality in these areas.”

Drawing upon the success of the original, Shift Up is already looking into the possibility of a Stellar Blade sequel.