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koei tecmo game

Koei Tecmo Game Announcement Teased for December 6th

A Game Awards reveal, perhaps?

warriors orochi 4 bridge melee

Play King of the Hill Musou Style in Warriors Orochi 4’s Bridge Melee

In Bridge Melee, you’ll have to pursue Lu Bu.

Atelier Nelke release date

Build Your Town With Nelke & the Legendary Alchemists in Early 2019

There’s even a collector’s edition!

dead or alive 6 nico

Dead or Alive 6 Gets an Electrifying New Fighter Named NiCO

Watch out for her shocking attacks!

dissidia final fantasy nt roster

Yuna Joins Dissidia Final Fantasy NT Roster, New Stage Revealed

A free-to-play version has been announced in Japan.

dynasty warriors 9 ps4

Dynasty Warriors 9 Trial Lets You Check Out Story Mode

Flex your inner warrior now.

Dragon Quest Builders 2 Multiplayer Details Emerge

Builders gotta stick together.

dead or alive 6 christie trailer

Christie Officially Revealed in New Dead or Alive 6 Trailer

The fan-favorite femme fatale is back.

Dynasty Warriors 9 update patch 1.07

Dynasty Warriors 9’s Upcoming DLC and Updates Revealed, Include Online Rankings

DLC includes four new scenarios.

nelke and the legendary alchemists limited edition

Koei Tecmo and NIS America Teamed Up for a Nelke & the Legendary Alchemists Limited Edition

Tons of goodies as always from NIS America.

atelier lulua confirmed

Koei Tecmo is Bringing Atelier Lulua Westward

That was quick!

dead or alive 6 christie

Christie Is the Newest Fighter to Join Dead of Alive 6

The femme fatale joins the fight.

dynasty warriors 9 co-op

Co-op Comes to Dynasty Warriors 9

Open world Musou with a friend.

warriors orochi 4 ps4 review

Warriors Orochi 4 Review – All Hands on Deck (PS4)

Breaking news: Zeus is still a jerk.

warriors orochi 4 Lu Lingqi

Warriors Orochi 4’s Character Ranking Spotlight Continues with Warriors Orochi 4 Lu Lingqi

You probably shouldn’t pursue her either. That’s a wacky spear.

dead or alive 6 preview

Dead or Alive 6 Preview – That Big Fight Feel (PS4)

Serious fighting, but with dinosaurs and tentacles. Sounds about right.

warriors orochi 4 kyubi

Koei Tecmo’s Warriors Orochi 4 Character Rankings Start With Kyubi

Kyubi doesn’t have to worry much about standing out.

Dead or Alive 6 Characters

Dead or Alive 6 Confirms the Return of Bass, Tina, and Mila

Some new looks for familiar faces.

Warriors Orochi 4 online multiplayer

Get a Glimpse of Warriors Orochi 4 Online Multiplayer

Anyone else want to play as the guy who attacks using a boat?

warriors orochi 4 guinness world record

Warriors Orochi 4 Won a Guinness World Record

Gotta respect this kind of hustle.