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ps store sale

Games to Get in this Week’s PlayStation Store Sales (Sep 5)

Plenty of Bandai Namco hits are discounted.

One Piece: Burning Blood Review – Pummeling Pirates (PS4)

Let’s get stretchy.

PlayStation New Releases for June 2016 Spotlight

On the Mirror’s Edge of glory.

PS4, PS3 & PS Vita New Releases: May 29 to June 4, 2016 – Blood and Golf

There might be one or two games on PS4 this week.

One Piece: Burning Blood Demo Now Available for PS4 & Xbox One, Online Multiplayer Trailer Released

Game is out in just a few weeks.

New One Piece: Burning Blood Trailers Introduce Kizaru, Akoiji and Akainu Move Sets

Releasing May 31.

PlayStation New Releases for May 2016 Spotlight

It’s almost time for a thief to meet his end.

Japanese Sales Chart: One Piece Defeats Star Fox Zero

PS4 wins again.

One Piece: Burning Blood Story Trailer Explores Marineford Episode

Get the inside scoop on the Marineford arc.

One Piece: Burning Blood Release Date Is May 31 on PS4, PS Vita & Xbox One

Europe gets it a few days later.

One Piece: Burning Blood Interview – Talking Musou, Battle Systems and Luffy’s Gear Fourth

Get the skinny on the game’s 3 vs. 3 combat system.

One Piece: Burning Blood Launches in June 2016 for PS4 & PS Vita, Collector’s Edition Announced

Watch the new trailer revealing Fourth Gear Luffy.

One Piece: Burning Blood Getting Western Release on PS4, PS Vita & Xbox One in 2016

Luffy, Ace, Sabo, Law, Crocodile, Enel, Bartolomeo, and Doflamingo are playable.

TGS 2015: One Piece: Burning Blood Coming to PS4 & PS Vita, Watch the Debut Trailer

No word on a Western release.