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Civilization Revolution joins the demo party this Thursday on the PSN [Update 3]

June 4, 2008 Written by StalkingSilence

According to 2K Games, we will be getting a demo of Civilization Revolution this Thursday on the PLAYSTATION Store.  Hopefully this doesn’t turn out like the NASCAR 09 demo from last week where EA Sports announced it was coming out but didn’t check with Sony first!

Either way, this Thursday is shaping up to be pretty great.  In addition to the first ever episode of Qore (presented by PSN, but not a “paid subscription by Sony” as so many other gaming blogs falsely reported), the Civilization Revolution demo should join demos for Battlefield: Bad Company and NASCAR 09.  We might even see a demo/full download for Fatal Intertia EX.  (Update 1: Plus NOVASTRIKE) (Update 2: and Wolf of the Battlefield: Commando 3!)

Add on top of that the confirmed 6 Rock Band songs, a possible Army of Two FREE map pack, and the Guitar Hero III cross-promotional God of War song (Update 3: + Motorhead Track Pack), and you have quite a week shaping up!

Remember, this content is always subject to change (there’s definitely more content we haven’t heard about yet and some of the content could always be pushed back).

Full content list below –from my thread on the Forums:

  • Army of Two DLC – “Veteran Map Pack” | Rumor
      • Two brand new co-op campaign maps
      • One enhanced multiplayer map
      • Update: Delayed at least 1 week
      • Price: FREE
    • Source: WorthPlaying :: IGN


  • Battlefield: Bad Company [Demo] | Confirmed
      • Demo includes both single player and multiplayer modes
      • Gold Rush mode on the Oasis map includes land, sea, and air vehicles
      • Reach rank 4 in the multiplayer section of the demo to unlock an exclusive in-game weapon
    • Source:
  • Civilization Revolution [Demo] | Confirmed
    • (no image)
      • You can play the game (single player or multiplayer) up to the year 1250 AD
      • Civilizations selection will be limited to Rome or Egypt
      • Also includes tutorial for new players
      • Demo size: 1.08 GB
      • Update: 2K Administrator confirms GameSpot report that North American PSN will get the demo on June 5, 2008
    • Source: Civilization Revolution Forums :: GameSpot


  • Fatal Inertia EX [Demo] & Full Game | Rumor
      • Will be released in late May 2008 on PSN
      • No retail release for this game (originally planned as launch game)
      • This game has improvements over the version released for the other console
      • Supports DUALSHOCK 3 and SIXAXIS motion controls
      • There will be a demo available on the PLAYSTATION Network
        • Demo will include 8-player online multiplayer
      • Price: ~$29.99 USD
    • Source: MTV Multiplayer :: Eurogamer


  • Guitar Hero III DLC – God of War II Music & Motörhead Track Packs | Confirmed
      • God of War II
        • Title: “The End Begins (to Rock)”
        • Price: FREE
      • Motörhead track pack:
        • “Motörhead”
        • “Stay Clean”
        • “(We are) The Road Crew”
    • Source:
  • NASCAR 09 [Demo] | Confirmed
      • Full game releases on June 11
      • Demo out on [other console] last week
      • There was a demo for NASCAR 08 last year as well
      • Update: EA changed their website to show June 5 as the demo release date
    • Source: Official NASCAR 09 Website
  • NOVASTRIKE [Full Game] | Confirmed
    • (no image)
      • Free-roaming top-down arcade shooter
      • Targeting a first-quarter 2008 release
      • Update 1: NOVASTRIKE listed on for release on Playstation 3
      • Update 2: Official Site Launched (from developer Tiki Games)
      • Update 3: The game’s director posted on the PlayStation.Blog that the game will be released on June 5, 2008
    • Source: NOVASTRIKE Official Site :: PlayStation.Blog
  • Qore – Episode 1 | Confirmed
      • NOTE: Qore is “Presented by the PLAYSTATION Network” – keyword “presented” – and the content put up there are negotiated outside of the regular PSN Store group.  SOCOM: Confrontation beta invite is similar to the MGS4 beta invites or accessing the Battlefield: Bad Company demo early.  My understanding is that this is promotional, early demos will be released like normal on PSN, etc.  Not sure why this is causing so much resistance.
      • First ever episode of Qore, a monthly gaming lifestyle program
      • Contents:
        • Calling All Cars [Full Game] (for annual subscribers)
        • Hidden “Easter Eggs”: Mini-game
        • Incredible Hulk – Exclusive 6 minute trailer
        • Secret Agent Clank – Exclusive preview
        • SOCOM: Confrontation Upcoming Beta Invitation
        • SOCOM: Confrontation Theme, Interviews, and Videos
        • Star Wars: The Force Unleashed – Exclusive pages from the graphic novel
        • … plus more!
      • Price: $2.99 per episode, $24.99 for every episode this year (13 episodes)
    • Source: PlayStation.Blog :: PlayStation LifeStyle
  • Rock Band DLC | Confirmed
      • Jimmy Buffet pack ($1.99 USD each, $5.49 USD for all three):
        • “Cheeseburger in Paradise” by Jimmy Buffet
        • “Margaritaville” by Jimmy Buffet
        • “Volcano” by Jimmy Buffet
      • Disturbed pack ($0.99 USD each, $2.99 USD for all three):
        • “Indestructible” by Disturbed
        • “Inside the Fire” by Disturbed
        • “Perfect Insanity” by Disturbed
    • Source: Forums
  • Wolf of the Battlefield: Commando 3
    • (no image)
      • Due out June 2008
      • Update: Capcom announces the game will be out on June 5, 2008 on PSN
      • Price: $9.99 USD
    • Source: Wired :: PlayStation LifeStyle