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Qore Episode 2 Due Out Today

July 3, 2008 Written by Anthony Severino

Here is the list of expected content in this month’s episode…¬† Let’s hope that they’ve added another mini game “Easter Egg” with the latest installment!

  • NOTE: Qore is “Presented by the PLAYSTATION Network” – keyword “presented” – and the content¬†put up there are¬†negotiated outside of the regular PSN Store group.
  • Second installment of the monthly gaming lifestyle program
  • Contents:
    • Anatomy of a Game: The Making of Resistance 2 [Part One]
    • In-Depth Look at Silent Hill: Homecoming
    • Featured Story: We Love Madden
    • [Timed] Exclusive Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm demo (available to everyone else on July 17)

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