Kratos Afraid of Flying, Delays His Trip to Europe [UPDATE]

September 3, 2009Written by Steven Garcia

gow-collectionIf for some reason you haven’t yet experienced two of the greatest games to have emerged from SCEA’s Santa Monica Studios, consider the recently announced God of War Collection, a.k.a. the best thing to happen since the Backstreet Boys’ comeback. With both God of War 1 and 2 compacted onto a single Blu-Ray disc, optimized at 720p, featuring double the trophies, and scheduled for a holiday 2009 release, what could go wrong?

Well unfortunately, a SCEE representative has confirmed that our readers across the pond won’t be receiving the God of War Collection anytime this year. Here’s what they had to say regarding this unpleasant matter:

“We are currently looking into options to bring God of War I and II to SCEE consumers on PS3; however it will not be possible to release the games this calendar year. We will provide further information in due course.”

However, there is still hope. All PlayStation3 games are inherently region free, meaning that theoretically, European gamers should have no problem with importing. That is of course if SCEA, being the publisher, refrains from executing their right to enable a region lock. In that case, don’t feel bad. The God of War games aren’t really that great anyway.

…Ok, so we’re bad at lying.

Update: Sony has confirmed that the God of War Collection will indeed be region free.


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