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Two Ways to Play With Snake on the Go

September 21, 2009Written by Kishen Patel


The Tokyo Game Show is only a few days away, and Japanese developers are already releasing a slew of new information everyday in anticipation of their homeland’s gaming convention. And as undoubtedly one of the most highly respected Japanese developers, Hideo Kojima has revealed some enticing news for Metal Gear Solid fans everywhere.

Over a week ago, the Konami website revealed the presence of an exclusive MGS: Peace Walker demo for all PSP-holding attendees at TGS. Kojima revealed that two control systems with respective control schemes will be showcased in the TGS demo. Kojima went on to explain that the two systems vary between an action style and a shooter style, which happens to be Kojima’s preferred control method.


Also revealed was a new Peace Walker t-shirt (shown above).


Kojima Sporting His Abercrombie Shirt

It’s safe to say that a ton of more prizes and new information will release leading up to the Tokyo Game Show on the 24th. So make sure to stay tuned on PlayStation LifeStyle for all your TGS updates!