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Metal Gear Solid Reunion FA

Showcase: Metal Gear Solid Fan Art and Concept Art

I draw a box.


The Catch-Up: March 14th, 2014 – Metal Gear Solid Wasn’t Expected to Sell Well

Ragnarok Odyssey ACE day 1 DLC detailed; Watch Dogs’ drop-in multiplayer can be turned off.


Hideo Kojima Reveals how Snake got his Name in Metal Gear Solid

No, he wasn’t bitten by snake while making the game.


Ask PSLS: Which Game Would You Want to See Get a Full Remake on PS4?

Ask PSLS is just a fantasy.


Famitsu Teasing Metal Gear Solid Reveal in Next Issue

Ground Zeroes?! The Phantom Pain?!


Metal Gear Solid 4 25th Anniversary Edition Spotted Online

Providing you with the perfect excuse to play through the game another time.

Hideo Kojima

Kojima Expresses Desire to Create Metal Gear Game Featuring The Boss

Title would be a part of the main series.


Daily Reaction: We Talk Metal Gear Solid, Movies and David Hayting

I need scissors! 61!


Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes Announced At MGS 25th Anniversary Event

Welcome to the next generation.


Metal Gear Solid Movie In Production; Avi Arad Producing for Columbia Pictures

Solid Snake sneaks onto the Silver Screen.


Motion Capture Actor Claims MGS5 Will Launch “Next Year Summer at the Earliest”

It’s been hiding under a cardboard box all this time!


Metal Gear Solid 4 Was Tailored Specifically for MGS Fans, Says Hideo Kojima

It’s impossible to ignore Metal Gear Solid 4 even after all ofRead the full article…