Tekken 6 Asks What You’ll Fight For

October 1, 2009Written by Anthony Severino


Tekken 6, the latest installment in Namco Bandai‘s ¬†fan-favorite fighting franchise is inching ever so closer to it’s long awaited release. To prepare for the game’s launch later this month, Tekken 6 will follow the gaming industry’s hottest trends by running a viral marketing campaign, as well as promotion through social networking sites.

More and more, developers and publishers alike are taking to social networking sites to help promote their product¬†and build a community around their games. Tekken 6 hopes to take this trend to a new level with it’s Tekken Talk Twitter Application, which is currently being tested in a private beta.

Along with Tekken Talk, Tekken 6 is running a campaign which asks “What will you fight for?” The first video (below) was just released, and a second viral video is coming in two weeks time.


Tekken 6 Official Site – http://tekken.namco.com/

What will you fight for? – http://www.whatwillyoufightfor.com/