Tekken 6 Asks What You’ll Fight For

October 1, 2009Written by Anthony Severino


Tekken 6, the latest installment in Namco Bandai‘s  fan-favorite fighting franchise is inching ever so closer to it’s long awaited release. To prepare for the game’s launch later this month, Tekken 6 will follow the gaming industry’s hottest trends by running a viral marketing campaign, as well as promotion through social networking sites.

More and more, developers and publishers alike are taking to social networking sites to help promote their product and build a community around their games. Tekken 6 hopes to take this trend to a new level with it’s Tekken Talk Twitter Application, which is currently being tested in a private beta.

Along with Tekken Talk, Tekken 6 is running a campaign which asks “What will you fight for?” The first video (below) was just released, and a second viral video is coming in two weeks time.


Tekken 6 Official Site – http://tekken.namco.com/

What will you fight for? – http://www.whatwillyoufightfor.com/