PlayStation Home Gets Animated & Glowing Apparel

October 16, 2009Written by Richard Allen

Female_Star_CropJon Burgerman range released in PlayStation Home

The digital publishing company Lockwood Publishing Ltd have released a range of animated clothing in PlayStation Home based on the designs and artwork of Jon Burgerman.

The UK based artist Jon Burgerman has signed a long term deal to license Lockwood Publishing with his unique artwork for exclusive use on PlayStation Home and other Virtual Worlds. Jon Burgerman is famous for his hand-drawn cartoon characters which have been featured in Art Galleries throughout the world being a huge hit in Japan. This new range of animated clothing and glow in the dark footwear are available to buy in the US version of PlayStation Home.

“Jon’s characters and designs work really well on Lockwood’s animated clothing and glowing shoes for PlayStation Home, we’re excited to see them launched in October.”

– Joel Kemp, COO, Lockwood Publishing Ltd

The latest release from Lockwood Publishing also includes the long awaited alternative clothing range with body art. Impress your friends with a butterfly or star tattoo – or why not show off a tribal or Maori inspired tattoo. PlayStation Home, which is free to all PS3 owners, has since its release in December 2008 gained over 7.5 million members.

Lockwood Publishing is a digital publishing company which publishes 3rd party brands and its own IP into virtual worlds. Lockwood Publishing is behind the hugely successful animated clothing range, animated furniture and glow sticks that have been top sellers in PlayStation Home.