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Retailer Puts PSPgo’s Price on the Chopping Block

October 16, 2009Written by Anthony Severino


Since the PSPgo launched earlier this month on October 1st, it’s received a lion’s share of bad press, namely due to its $250 price tag. One retailer is hoping to soften the blow to your wallet by offering the PSPgo for $199 as part of a sale.

In a newspaper sale flyer for Fry’s Electronics, it’s been revealed that the major electronics retailer will be offering the PSPgo for $199 after a $50 savings.

The PSPgo, despite all the bad press it’s received, is a great little device. It’s much more portable that the PSP-3000 because of it’s small size, sliding screen, and lack of a UMD drive. Unfortunately because of its tiny size and tech it fetches a luxury price tag.

This latest sale from Fry’s is likely only to last until Sunday, so if you were thinking of buying a PSPgo but have been on the fence, we suggest you act now and save big.


Thanks to Gamingfriek for the tip!