PSP Review – Creature Defense

November 23, 2009Written by Cameron Teague

In battle you will have slow, small waves at first, and they will build up wave after wave.  You are given a small amount of time before a new wave starts where you are shown what enemy will be coming.  You can then take this time to place cards from your deck on the playing field.  To set a card on the field, you must use mana points, with each card costing various amounts of mana to place.  You will gain mana during the game as you defeat enemies, and you will also receive bonus mana at the end of each wave depending on how well you did.  Another use for mana is in leveling up your placed cards.  By leveling up the card during battle, you bump up the attack, speed, and range, and can also unlock SP Skills which allow for boost to adjacent cards, attack upgrades, etc.  If you want to remove a card from the playing field, you can and will receive a small amount of mana back for doing so.  You have to pay attention to keeping things even between air and ground ,as some waves will deploy both.


The whole point of this all is to protect your castle at the end of each phase’s road.  Each time a monster makes it to the end of the road, you lose a point, and once down to zero, the game is over.  Your goal is to reach a certain amount of cleared waves to beat the level.  During the battle, you can speed up the pace or pause depending on what you need to do.  With there being so many waves, utilizing R1 to speed up time can keep the action moving.  You can also zoom in and out of the battlefield just in case you need to see the complete picture as well as hit select to be able to view more information on each troop currently deployed.


Everything in Creature Defense looks very detailed, as all the cards are well done, the effects of the attacks are pretty cool, and the environments of the world are well done, though it is pretty hard to see what the terrain looks like so you can know where to place a troop.  Luckily, when trying to place troops, your cursor is red until you are able to place the troop.  You can also hit pause and click guide to highlight the route, showing exactly the area where you can place your troops.  The controls in the game are easy to pick up, and you should be knee deep in enemies pretty quickly.  The music in the game is top notch, with a great techno beat going on in the background, and you will also hear the sounds of metal and spells as your characters fight off the hordes.

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PlayStation LifeStyle’s Final Score

Top notch presentation; music is great

Fun, addictive gameplay

Easy to pick up and play

7 out of 10

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