Sony takes Heavy Rain to the Streets

February 7, 2010Written by Thomas Williams

With only two weeks to go until release, it looks as if Sony has finally decided to start advertising Quantic Dream’s Heavy Rain. The best part? Sony is taking Heavy Rain to the streets…and you gotta check this out.

Behold…the Heavy Rain Coach Bus!

Only one problem…it’s currently only in Germany. Will Sony bring similar advertising to the US and UK? Let’s certainly hope so. The Heavy Rain demo was spectacular, but the game will need some good advertising to attract more mainstream buyers.

Then again, I think we all know the free PR Sony is going to receive once Heavy Rain hits. I’m sure FOX and CNN are licking their chops just waiting to report about the game’s nudity, shower scenes, and the ability to use the bathroom (and not wash your hands!). Of course, they’ll compare it to Grand Theft Auto, which will be a horrible comparison due to the fact that the games are completely different..but hey, if it takes off, even soccer moms could be asking “What this Heavy Rain all about”?

If you haven’t tried the demo out yet, check out our post here for all the information you need to cheat the system. Heavy Rain hits on February 23rd–how far are you willing to go to save someone you love?