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Sony Prepping More PS3 3D Firmware Updates

July 8, 2010Written by Anthony Severino

Ever since the launch of the PlayStation 3, it has been one of the best Blu-Ray players on the market. Even 4 years into its lifecycle, the PS3, thanks to it being “future proof”, has been able to compete with the best of the available standalone Blu-Ray players on the market. This trend will continue into well into the future, especially since the PlayStation 3 will be getting a firmware update which enables 3D Blu-Ray playback this September. The update which allowed for 3D gaming hit this past April, and as previously mentioned, 3D Blu-Ray support is expected later this fall. Still, Sony has yet another firmware update planned pertaining to their push for 3D dominance.

Along with the 3D capable PS3, Sony is releasing a full 3D consumer electronics line-up which will include 3D capable Bravia HDTVs, 3D Blu-Ray players, 3D capable audio receivers, and 3D capable Cybershot cameras. Again, Sony will be utilizing the PS3 as a trojan horse for 3D, much like it did for Blu-Ray, which helped the format win the war against HD-DVD (ahh, sweet memories). Not only will the PS3 be fully capable of playing stereoscopic 3D games and Blu-Ray movies, the PS3 will eventually gain support via a firmware update to display panoramic 3D still images taken by Sony’s 3D capable Cybershot digital cameras.