Driver: San Francisco Already has DLC Planned

July 11, 2010Written by Adam Wolfe

Even though the next Driver game, Driver: San Francisco, still has a few months until it releases there has already been talk about downloadable content for the next installment in the long-running series.

While speaking to Gamerzines, Ubisoft Reflections’ Marketing Assistant Adam Lavis talks about the possibility of DLC:

There is a plan,but we’re not saying anything about it at this point. It hasn’t been fully finalized, it just depends on what aspects of the game we can offer stuff for.

Lavis also mentioned that the Collector’s Edition, which includes a replica model of Tanner’s 1970 Dodge Challenger, also includes elements of DLC, though the exact DLC hasn’t been announced.

This also comes alongside the announcement that Driver will feature game to web community features. Now what that exactly means is not explained, but we should hear more as the release creeps closer.

You’ll be able to get your hands on Driver: San Francisco this November.