Battlefield Vietnam Trailer Showcases your Weapons of Mass Destruction

November 30, 2010Written by Adam Wolfe

Battlefield Bad Company 2 released earlier this year to high praise and big sales, in fact, it made huge strides at capturing some of that gaming real estate that Modern Warfare 2 claims so much of. Unlike the Call of Duty franchise though, there won’t be another installment this holiday season, but there will be more Battlefield for all to play.

At E3 this past June, DICE announced that a Vietnam DLC expansion would be coming this holiday season for BFBC2. Even though there has yet to be a concrete release date given, we have been granted an early gift in the form of some new information about what will be included.

A new video showcasing all the weapons and vehicles in the upcoming expansion has crept up on us.  Its nothing breathtaking, but if your a fan of the series then it should be nice to see a new set of weapons to do your bidding.

Check out the video below for all the lethal goodness.