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Cross-Platform Play Between the NGP and PS3 is Certainly Possible

January 28, 2011Written by Corey Schwanz

It’s no secret that developers everywhere are excited about the NGP, with the super-powered device being pretty close to a PS3 in your pocket. So that means if the same game is on both platforms, you can play together, right?

At Sony’s PlayStation Meeting, Epic Games founder Tim Sweeney took the stage to show off Epic Citadel, an iOS game, and Dungeon Defenders, a PSN, XBLA, and PC game, both running on the NGP. In fact, the NGP version of the game literally IS the PSN version, as it only took one week to port the game. Mark Rein, Vice President at Epic Games is very excited about the possibilities of NGP owners playing with their PS3 counterparts.

Dungeon Defenders is essentially a PS3 game brought to NGP. At CES this year, Trendy showed Dungeon Defenders on a Tegra 2 mobile device playing multiplayer against a PlayStation 3. Trendy told me they’re planning to have NGP players playing against PS3 players. So this part is already a reality.

But just because it’s possible, doesn’t mean that this type of play will be implemented. To work as ideally as possible, a few changes or additions would need to be put in place. Rein doesn’t think that’s a big deal though.

All they need to add is the ability to save your status in the cloud so you can pick up and play on another device and they’re done. That’s not a hard problem to solve and I suspect Sony will offer a good solution for that via PSN at some point.

As long as the infrastructure is in place, it really opens the doors to a lot of possibilities. Would this mean that you could play Call of Duty on your PS3 with people playing on an NGP? Certainly there are lot more details to iron out before something like that could happen, but no one knows what the future may hold…