NCAA Football 12 Cover Voting Underway

March 5, 2011Written by Joseph Peterson

Every year EA Sports picks the best athlete around to be the face for their NCAA Football franchise. The past years have seen college greats such as Reggie Bush, Larry Fitzgerald and Matt Ryan. There have even been a couple years where different versions of the title had different cover athletes based upon which system the game was purchased for. Though it seems this year EA Sports has taken a different route to decide who graces the cover of NCAA Football 12.

Below is the image sent out to promote the newest way to decide the cover athlete of this year’s title. Simply voting on Facebook will allow you to possibly see your choice on this year’s cover.

All four athletes are great athletes that deserve the honor in their own right, but only one can be crowned this year’s face of NCAA Football 12. To cast your vote head on over to Facebook and vote for your choice today.