Deus Ex: Human Revolution Provides Ample Game Length

March 28, 2011Written by Jonathan Leack

Eidos’ return to the Deus Ex world is now only a few short months away, and by the time the fall season arrives we’ll be able to revisit the remarkable cyber world that the series is acclaimed for. Given its RPG nature, players are expecting plenty of content to enjoy. The question is: will Deus Ex: Human Revolution fall victim to the short game length virus that has been going around this generation?

Just how long will Deus Ex: Human Revolution be? Eidos Montreal’s Jean-Francois Dugas knows, and he wants you to as well:

…if you do the strict minimum, you’re still in there for at least 20 to 25 hours.

Deus Ex: Human Revolution doesn’t include any form of multiplayer, but the game length indicated above should be more than sufficient granted there’s replay value similar to the original title which came out back in June 2000. We recently learned that the title will offer a variety of choices that directly change the direction of the narrative, so there’s ample reason to replay and enjoy some of the greatest moments in a different form.