Crew Behind Uncharted 3 Discuss the Movie

May 9, 2011Written by Cameron Teague

Everyone should know by now that Uncharted, one of the greatest series in the PlayStation library, will be receiving the movie star treatment with a flick now in the works. Most gamers out there are skeptical about not only the choices of characters (Mark Wahlberg as Drake), but at the ability of the director to do right by the games. Naughty Dog has shared its thoughts on the development of the movie with voice actor Nolan North joking that he’d “burn someone’s house down” to make sure it’s a good movie.

Talking with Edge magazine, Naughty Dog co-president Evan Wells had this to say about it:

We’ve been working really closely with [director] David O Russell; he’s been to our office. We’re really excited to see where he takes it.

Nathan Drake’s voice actor, Nolan North, added:

Is it difficult, is it strange? Yeah. But that’s the business of making big movies – you need big stars. I’m very protective of what we do. If that ever infringed on what we do well, I’m burning someone’s house down.

We here at PlayStation LifeStyle are still unsure about the whole thing, worrying that this movie will be yet another video game gone movie that has not translated well. You know what we think, what do you think about this all, will the movie be any good?