Trim a Tree in Atelier Meruru Gameplay Trailer

May 16, 2011Written by Cameron Teague

Right on the heels of NIS America announcing that the 2nd game in the Alchemist of Arland series, Atelier Totori would be making its way stateside, Meruru director Yoshito Okamura has released a new gameplay clip of Atelier Meruru. In the video we get a good look at the combat with main characters Meruru, Totori, and Mimi duking it out against one angry-looking tree.

While it is a bit hard to grasp everything about what is going on since the video is in Japanese, we can still get a good feeling for the combat and what’s there looks like a lot of fun. Alchemy plays a huge part in the game and you get a sense of this in the video as the characters use objects they created such as rockets to help defeat their enemies.

Atelier Meruru: The Alchemist of Arland 3 is out in Japan on June 23rd exclusively for the PlayStation 3.