Cross Game Chat #53 – Winners and Losers For August

September 12, 2011Written by Josh Fernandes

The guys are back for another three man podcast since PMC is busy in Amsterdam. We are very sorry for not having a podcast last week, but we are hoping to more than make up this week as we talk about the winners and losers for August. Last month, Deus Ex, El Shaddai, The Baconing, Madden, Bodycount, and others released so listen in to find out which game the crew picked as their favorite. Cameron is also back from PAX and he will be giving an in-depth description of everything he saw at PAX. PlayStation LifeStyle would like to announced for the first time that we managed to get an exclusive look at a back storage room at PAX, a must listen!

This Week’s News Topics:

  • TGS Will be Without a Guardian Read>>
  • New Game From Team Ninja to be at TGS Read>>
  • Crysis Coming to PSN Read>>
  • Ninja Theory Believes AAA Retail Model Kills Innovation Read>>
  • 500 Developers Working on Call of Duty Read>>
  • Final Fantasy XIII-3 Site Registered Read>>
  • Fox Calls out Flower Read>>
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This week, we talk about the best and worst game to release in August. The community responded with their picks, and you can too if you send and email to or tweet PSLifeStyle via Twitter. You can also stop by every night around 9 pacific to watch Josh play all the latest new releases.

Cameron’s Anime Recommendation

Tiger & Bunny
Josh’s Music Pick
Eric’s Anime Interception
Samurai Pizza Cats (plenty of videos on YouTube)