PSLS Game of the Year 2019 Awards – Best Indie Game Winner

Independent studios are given the freedom to make games without creative limitation while also creatively working around the constraints that are placed on small teams with limited budgets. These studios need to fend for themselves without the help of a publisher or outside owner, but they also get to create without oversight. Some of these experiences become the most unique and memorable in gaming. Here are the PlayStation LifeStyle nominations for Best Indie Game in 2019.

Best Indie Game 2019 Winner

Sayonara Wild Hearts Review ps4

Sayonara Wild Hearts

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I’m thrilled to be able to award Sayonara Wild Hearts with our Best Indie Game award. It’s a unique game that blends a concept album with games, brilliant music with exciting gameplay that I couldn’t put down until the credits rolled. Even then, I immediately had to start it again. The visuals are a treat and the simplicity means that anyone can enjoy playing along with the superb soundtrack.

“Each player will derive their own meaning from the music, visuals, and gameplay, latching onto certain elements that resonate with them most. Like any great album, I’ve returned to Sayonara Wild Hearts on multiple occasions, either to play the game in full, challenge myself on a few select tracks, or even just listen to the soundtrack on Spotify. It’s an experience unlike many others; magical, memorable, and full of heart.”

Reader’s Choice Winner


GRIS is an incredible game that holds deep meaning for the individual player. It’s the kind of game that can only exist thanks to independent development, a watercolor painting come to life to deliver the creator’s deepest themes. Not everyone will “get” GRIS, but its beauty is unparalleled and those that do resonate with its themes will come away rewarded.

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