Square Enix Might Be Losing it; Final Fantasy XIII-3 Website Registered

September 10, 2011Written by Jonathan Leack

When Square Enix announced a sequel to Final Fantasy XIII, many were shocked, but nobody would have ever imagined that the sequel of a disappointing game would get a sequel of its own.

A quick domain lookup reveals that the website finalfantasyxiii-3.com has already been registered, coming months prior to the release of Final Fantasy XIII-2. Although the details don’t directly mention Square Enix, they do state that Corporation Service Company has completed the registration process, and Square Enix has a history of using CSC’s services for registering several video game website domains.

If this turns out to be a foreshadowing of another FFXIII sequel, this will mark the first time that the entire Final Fantasy series has ever seen a trilogy. What would prompt Square Enix to make such a bold move after the par reception of FFXIII is left only to the deepest of imagination. What makes this most startling is that unless it’s a prequel to the events that took place in FFXIII, then the upcoming FFXIII-2 will once again leave the storyline incomplete. For the dozen or so people who really enjoyed Gran Pulse and don’t mind spending another 120+ hours on it, this might come as good news, but for everyone else this is simply a reason to think that Square Enix is completely losing it.