Bethesda Much More Comfortable Working on Consoles When Developing Skyrim

September 23, 2011Written by Alex Osborn

There’s no denying that past Bethesda games have been a bit rough around the edges on the PlayStation 3. Fortunately, the developer  has assured gamers that, this time around, they’ve acquired enough experience developing for Sony’s platform that the console versions of Skyrim will run quite smoothly.

Speaking to Edge in a recent interview, Elder Scrolls V director Todd Howard, shared the team’s progress in developing for the 360 and PS3, explaining how they’ve come a long way since the development days of Oblivion. He even goes as far as siting the benefits to developing for consoles versus PC.

The negative on PC is that there are still a lot of layers of API before you can look at the hardware. So we might be able to get the data faster on PC, but what we do with that data is still easier on 360 and PS3 where we can look directly at the memory registers and do what we want.

This is our third go around on these systems, so we are a lot more comfortable than we used to be.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim will arrive on store shelves November 11th.