Cross Game Chat #61 – Dark Souls and Losers for October

November 7, 2011Written by Josh Fernandes

This week, the guys talk about their winners and losers for the month of October. There were a ton of great games that released in October including Dark Souls, Battlefield 3, Arkham City, Rage, and, most importantly, The Sims: Pets. Now, the guys may end up picking games like Battlefield 3 or Arkham City, but the real winner is Dark Souls… so, just fast forward until you get to the losers. Speaking of which, The PSN was quite a disappointment this month. Listen to the podcast to find out why.

This Weeks News Topics:

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  • Multiplayer Confirmed Read>>
  • DC Universe Online Gets 300K new Members with Free to Play Read>>
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  • Sony Tightens Game Sharing Read>>
  • Poor Dukem Forever Reviews the Result of High Expectations Read>>

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We want a lot of listener participation for next week; we will be talking about whether or not we plan on renewing our PlayStation plus membership. So, write in and tell us if you will be renewing or not and why. You can send us a message to or PSLifeStyle via Twitter. Also be sure to stop by to chat with gamers and watch live playthroughs of games.

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