Hijackers Steal 6,000 Copies of MW3 from French Delivery Truck

November 7, 2011Written by Alex Osborn

Activision can’t be all that happy right now. Even though they are having what will likely go down in history as the most successful entertainment launch of all time at midnight tonight for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, a hijacking in France will certainly spoil the occasion.

According to French new outlets TFI and Ultimate PS3, a delivery truck in Créteil, France carrying approximately 6,000 copies of Modern Warfare 3 was robbed. On Saturday, two masked individuals hijacked the vehicle. After forcing the vehicle to crash, the two men tear-gassed those operating the vehicle and proceeded to take off with all of the games. The total value of the stolen goods weighs in at around 400,000 euros ($551,000), but Activision will be making a boatload off of this title, so while 6,000 copies may be a bit of a blow, I’m sure they’ll do just fine.