Amiga Classic Putty Squad Announced For Vita Launch

November 23, 2011Written by Sebastian Moss

The PlayStation Vita may be the pinnacle of cutting-edge handheld gaming, but it will also be home to some classic retro titles with the help of the PlayStation Network.

20 years after the original release of Putty Squad on the Amiga in 1992, the original developer, System 3, has given the game a graphical overhaul and added some secret levels for it’s Vita debut next year. To make use of the Vita’s unique features, front and rear touch-screen controls and location-based unlockables will be included.

Putty Squad is a 2D platformer where you control a stretchy blue blob, and was highly rated back in its hey-day, named by many as the best game of all time. If System 3’s HD remake has you excited, then we have even more good news for you – to celebrate their 30th anniversary, the developer will also be reviving a bunch of other classic IPs throughout 2012.